Using the Zoom for Outlook (Office 365) add-in

Schedule Zoom meetings directly from Outlook on the web (Office 365).

First, add the add-in by following the steps in

Using the Add-in

  1. Create a new Outlook event
  2. Fill in your meeting details (title, date, time, etc)
  3. Add a Zoom meeting
  4. Follow the prompts to Allow a new window
  5. Sign in with SSO using "ucdavis" as the company domain
  6. Log in (if required)
  7. Save the Outlook event

Additional Tips

  • When creating a new event, if the user first adds a Zoom meeting, the Zoom meeting is created with a generic name [Name]'s Zoom Meeting. Zoom lists that meeting with the same name, date, and time in
  • However, if the user creates an Outlook meeting first with the event details filled in, Zoom will display that same information (e.g. Meeting name instead of generic Zoom Meeting).
  • Additionally, a repeating meeting in Outlook appears as a recurring meeting in Zoom. When viewing your list of meetings, recurring meetings appear at the very bottom of the page (ie after all the dated meetings).
  • One of the reasons Zoom doesn't display them as individual occurrences is because Zoom has the repeating meetings set as No Fixed Time. That's why they're not listed as individually occurring with a date and time in Zoom.
  • Also, once the Zoom add-on creates a meeting, it doesn't matter if the Outlook event is edited or removed, the meeting should remain in Zoom's list of meetings. In Outlook's Zoom add-on, certain meeting settings can be edited, but not the time and date associated with the Zoom meeting (if that makes sense).


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