How do I reserve a Wickson Conference Room?

Follow these steps to make a reservation in a Wickson Hall Conference Room. Below, you will find instructions for both Outlook in Windows and Office 365 on the web (scroll down).

Outlook 2013, 2016, or 2019

  1. Go to your Calendar
  2. Click on New Meeting
  3. Enter in your reservation information
    1. Subject
    2. Start time
      Optional: All day event
    3. End time
  4. To find an available Conference Room, use the Room Finder

    1. Select the Wickson Hall Conference Rooms in the room list
    2. Note: this list will only show you the available rooms.
    3. Select any of the available rooms
  5. Click Send

Office 365 on the web

  1. Go to your Calendar
  2. Create a new Event
  3. Enter in your reservation information
    1. Title
    2. (Optional) Attendees
      Example: Meeting lead or course instructor
    3. Date and time of your reservation
    4. A room location
    5. If your desired Conference Room is unavailable, it will say Busy
    6. Reminder
  4. Alternatively, use the Scheduling Assistant to find an available Conference Room
    1. Confirm your reservation date and time
    2. Click on Add a room
    3. Click on + Add Room
    4. Select from the Room List Wickson Hall Conference Rooms
    5. Select an available Conference Room
    6. Click Done to save your selected room
  5. Save your reservation


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