How do I use the Zoom Room Controller?

More more zoom information, please see Top Zoom Questions.

To use the Zoom Room, please make sure the monitor is powered on, and the input source is "Zoom".

Using the iPad Controller to Start a Meeting

If a Zoom Meeting has already been created, use the Join page to enter in the Meeting ID.
Tap the Join button.

To make a phone call, use the Phone page to enter in your phone number.

To find a UC Davis user to meet with, use the Meet Now page to search for the user.

Using the iPad Controller During a Meeting

Meeting ID: Your Zoom meeting ID in case others need it to join.

Mute Microphone

Stop Video

Share Content

Change View: Change the video to either a full screen of the speaker, or a large video of the speaker and thumbnails of other meeting participants.

Camera Control: Use the  + or - controls to zoom the camera in and out; use the directional arrows to move the camera view.

Manage participants: View the list of Zoom meeting participants. Here, you can mute individual participants or mute all participants. You can also enable or disable individual participants' video.

Invite: Invite other users to your Zoom meeting.

Start Recording: Enter in the email address of whom you want a recording of the meeting sent to.

(Not Recommended) Settings: change the source of the microphone, speaker, or camera.

Volume bar: Increase or decrease the volume

Leave: Select whether to leave or end the meeting.


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