How do I configure my iOS device for Office 365?

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Office 365 offers many of the features of uConnect but with all of your content hosted ‘in the cloud’ versus on premise.




Note: If you have an existing uConnect on-premise account or recently added DUO MFA to your Office 365 email you will need to remove your  existing account before proceeding with adding your account.

Remove Existing Account

  1. Open the Settings app on your device
  2. Tap Accounts & Passwords
  3. Tap on the existing uConnect account
  4. Tap on Delete Account
  5. Tap on the Delete from My iPhone confirmation

Add Your Account

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.
  2. Tap Accounts & Passwords
  3. Tap Add Account...
  4. Tap Exchange
  5. Enter your email address and a description and tap Next
  6. When prompted to Configure Manually or Sign In, tap Sign in.
  7. Enter your full UC Davis email address and your Kerberos Passphrase and tap Next.
  8. If Duo MFA for Office 365 is enabled, answer the Duo MFA challenge.
  9. Once the configuration is successful you can decide what items to sync with your device.

Manual Server Information

This information is usually not needed, however on rare occasions you may need to manually configure your email account.

Username: Full UC Davis Email Address (
Password: Kerberos Passphrase

Incoming: IMAP
Port: 993
SSL Enabled: Yes
Authentication: Normal Password

Outgoing: SMTP
Port: 587
SSL Enabled: TLS
Authentication: Normal Password


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