How to stop backing up a folder in OneDrive

If you've selected your local folders to back up to OneDrive, you can stop backing up a folder following the steps in Back up your folders with OneDrive.

Please follow these steps to stop backing up a folder in OneDrive:

  1. In the lower right hand area near your clock and date, please find the OneDrive icon that is blue. If you hover over it, it will say that it is "up to date"

    1. Alternatively, the gray cloud icon with a line through the cloud will say "Not signed in"
    2. If you see multiple OneDrive instances that you are logged in, proceed with the steps for both to check which ones are backing up your folders and files
  2. Left or right click on the OneDrive icon
  3. Click on the Settings button (gear icon) at the top right
  4. Click on "Settings"
  5. On the left hand side, go to "Sync and backup"
  6. Click the "Manage backup" button
  7. Toggle the folders that you do or do NOT want to backup
    Blue means the folder and files are being backed up
    White means the folder and files are NOT being backed up
  8. If you are prompted, a confirmation dialog will appear presenting some options:
    1. Continue backing up this folder will keep the folder being backed up.
    2. OneDrive only will keep the files in your OneDrive folder, and they won't be in your computer's folder.
    3. This computer only will move the files back from your OneDrive folder to the folder on your computer. 
  9. If necessary, click the button to "Save changes"
  10. If OneDrive does not prompt you to move your files back, and the files are not moved back automatically, manually move your files and accept the prompt that you are deleting the files from OneDrive


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