How do I set up DES email in Outlook?

Mail server settings are automatically configured if your computer is on the DES domain:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click Next on the Welcome Screen
  3. Select the E-mail Account option
    Click Next
  4. You're finished!


Otherwise follow these steps to manually input the DES Exchange mail server:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click Next on the Welcome Screen
  3. Select the Yes radio button to setup Outlook to connect to an email account
    Click Next
  4. Select the button for Manual setup
    Click Next
  5. Select Microsoft Exchange account
    Click Next
  6. Enter in the Server and User Name information
    Username: your email
  7. Click on the More Settings... button
  8. Go to the Security tab
    Check the box to Encrypt data
    Change Logon network security to Password Authentication (NTLM)
  9. Go to the Connection tab
    Check the box to connect using HTTP
    Click on the Exchange Proxy Settings... button
  10. Enter in the proxy server
    Check the box to Connect using SSL
    Select to use NTLM Authentication
  11. Ok to close all windows
  12. Agree to restart Outlook
  13. When you open Outlook and it prompts you for a username and password, enter in the following.
    Username: DES\username (not case sensitive)
    Password: DES password

If you already have an e-mail account in Outlook, follow these steps to add multiple accounts in Outlook:

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. If needed, change the view to Small Icons
  3. Open Mail
    It might be listed as Mail (32-bit)
  4. Click on the button Email Accounts
  5. Under the E-mail tab, click on New...
  6. Select E-mail Account
  7. Follow steps 3-14 above


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