How do I use VLC Media Player to trim videos?

Method 1: Re-record your video with the parts you want to keep following the guide, Cut Videos with VLC Media Player

Method 2: Use the following command prompt script

:: Change the source and destination video file paths
set source_video="C:\Users\USERNAME\Downloads\long_video_name.mp4"
set destination_video="C:\Users\USERNAME\Downloads\new_video_name.mp4"

:: Set the start and stop times of the new video (in seconds)
set start_time="10"
set stop_time="5400"

:: Command to trim the beginning and end of your video. No changes are needed to this line.
"%programfiles%\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" %source_video% --start-time=%start_time% --stop-time=%stop_time% --sout "#gather:std{access=file,dst=%destination_video%}" --sout-keep vlc://quit
  1. Save this script as filename.bat and edit it using a text editor like Notepad
  2. Change the path/name of your existing video (You can hold the shift key and right click on your video file, and click on Copy as path to paste into the file. Make sure you don't have double quotes)
  3. Change the path/name of the new video (Give it a new name)
  4. Determine how many seconds into the video you want to start
  5. Determine how many seconds into the video you want to stop
  6. Save the file
  7. Double click to run the file
  8. Review the new video to make sure it's what you want


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