How do I manage a Sympa mailing list?

Campus Sympa mailing lists allow you to send one email to multiple people. This article will go over how to add owners or moderators, how to add subscribers, and how to manage subscribers.

Before you start,

  1. Please make sure you are logged into the list environment page.
  2. For the list you want to manage, please go to the Admin page by clicking on the admin button.


How do I add an owner or moderator?

  1. Find the List Config.
    Edit it.
  2. Click on List definition.
  3. Scroll down to the Owner or Moderator section.
  4. Enter in the email and name of someone you want to be an owner or moderator. You can have multiple owners and multiple moderators.
    The difference between owners and moderators:
    • Owners can make any configuration change.
      Specifically, owners are managing subscribers of the list. They may review subscribers and add or delete email addresses from the mailing list. If you are a privileged owner of the list, you can choose other owners for the mailing list. Privileged owners may edit a few more options than other owners.
    • If set up, moderators can allow a message to be released to the mailing list subscribers.
      Specifically, if the mailing list is moderated, messages posted to the list will first be passed to the moderators , who will decide whether to distribute or reject it.
  5. Edit the owner or moderator options:
    • Profile
      Privileged: user has highest privileges to make changes, including adding other owners
      Normal: user can make changes, but cannot add other owners
    • Reception mode
      Mail: user will receive email messages sent to the mailing list
      Nomail: user will not receive emails
    • Visibility
      Conceal: user's name will appear as an owner or moderator to all users
      Noconceal: user's name will be hidden from all users
  6. Click Update when finished


How do I add subscribers?

  1. Find Subscribers.
    Manage it.
  2. To add one email/subscriber to your mailing list, enter in the email address in the box.
  3. Click on the Add button.
    Optional: check the quiet box if you don't want them to receive an email saying they've been added to this mailing list
  4. To add multiple emails/subscribers, click on the Multiple add button
  5. Follow the examples. Emails should go on separate lines. If you want to add subscriber names, enter them on the same line with spaces separating each item.

    Example, if I want to add Gunrock ( and myself, I would type in: Gunrock Viendi Hoang
  6. Once finished, click the Add subscribers button.
    Optional: check the quiet box if you don't want them to receive an email saying they've been added to this mailing list


How do I manage subscribers?

  1. Find Subscribers.
    Manage it.
  2. Click on an email address to change the email or name of your subscriber.
  3. Check the box to the right of an email address (or multiple boxes) to delete the selected email address(s).
  4. Use the Toggle Selection button to inverse the boxes you checked.


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